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Bonn: German Language, History, and Society at the University of Bonn
Berlin, Germany; Bonn, Germany (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Academic Year,
Courses Offered: Click here to view
Restrictions: DePaul University applicants only
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Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Admissions Notification Date Start Date End Date
Academic Year 2018-2019 02/01/2018 03/01/2018 09/03/2018 07/31/2019
Fact Sheet:
Program Type: Term-long Academic Level: Undergraduate
Required GPA: 3.5 Living Arrangements: Residence Hall
Language of Instruction: English, German Prerequisite: See course descriptions below
Liberal Studies Domain: EL, SCBI, UP
Program Description:

Bonn is a beautiful 200-year-old city that is set on the banks of the Rhine River and was the birthplace of Ludwig von Beethoven in 1770. Living in Bonn, students have the opportunity to experience a northern German city that combines a rich cultural past with the modern realities of Europe. Centrally located, Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels are no more than three hours away by train. The nearby Cologne-Bonn airport also provides access to European cities through discount airlines.

Located in one of Germany's most rapidly globalizing cities, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität Bonn is among the largest universities in the country, serving as a home of learning to over 27,000 students, over 4,000 of which are international. Its outstanding reputation in research and teaching along with its location contribute to the ranking of the University of Bonn as one of the top institutions of learning in Germany.

Founded in 1818, it has housed such famous alumni as Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx, and Pope Benedict XVI. With 371 buildings throughout Bonn, its sprawling campus provides a large and diverse college atmosphere for its multi-national student body.

University of Bonn Study Abroad
Bonn_Spring Course Structure.JPG

DePaul's program at the University of Bonn combines a wide range of classes, lectures, and hands-on experience with an immersion experience in German language and culture. The program is designed to maximize students' success in learning German language, as well as about German society, culture and history. Students must have completed a minimum of GER 105 at DePaul as a pre-requisite in order to be eligible for this study abroad program.

Students arrive in Germany for a week-long intensive orientation where they are placed into groups depending on their language skills. Students are introduced to the city of Bonn and German culture via workshops on culture, literature and linguistics. The orientation includes language instruction, guided tours, excursions, and social events with students from the local population and with other international students.

Following orientation, the official semester starts at the University of Bonn. Students will take a placement exam and be placed into an intensive German course based on their German level. All German courses will be assigned either GER 198, GER 298, or GER 398 credits. Upon completion of the program, student work and progress will be assessed by the German language Program Director to determine how these courses will apply to the language sequence and the German major or minor here at DePaul. Semester-long language and elective courses are worth 12 credits.

Bonn Credits DePaul Credits
Required Course: Intensivkurs Bassistufe, Aufbaustufe, or Fortgeschrittene. (18 ECTS) Intensive Course A-Level (Beginner), Intensive Course B-Level (Intermediate), or Intensive Course C-Level (Advanced) Level (12 DPU credits)
Elective Course: 1 elective course (worth 6 ECTS, 8 ECTS, or 10 ECTS) 1 elective course (worth 4.5 DPU credits, 6 DPU credits, or 7.5 DPU credits).
Total Number of Courses Offered
2 courses (Intensive Language + 1 elective) 12 + (4.5, 6, or 7.5) DPU credits=
16.5-22 total DPU credits

Bonn, Germany Uni-Bonn Main Bu Please note that classes at University of Bonn have three different types of ECTS points. Some classes are worth 6 ETCS points, which equals 4.5 DPU credits; some classes are worth 8 ECTS points, which equals 6 DPU credits, and other classes can be worth 10 ECTS points, which equals 7.5 DPU credits. If you decide to take a class that is worth 10 ECTS points, then you will exceed the 18 credit hour limit, resulting in a tuition overage. Therefore, we recommend you take a 6 or 8 ECTS points class.

Please note: very advanced German students who test into a C1 or C2 (high proficiency) level may have the option to take a non-intensive German class (4 credits of German) plus 2 elective classes (8 credits) through the International Programs Office or the university at large. Students also have the option to take a European Integration course to earn additional credit. The European Integration course focuses on international relations in Germany, Europe, and the world. Students gain insight in the field of international politics and German foreign policy. In the past, this course has included a trip to Brussels where students met with Representatives of the European Commission, NATO, and have visited the European Parliament. This course counts as a PSC 259 class here at DePaul, worth 4 credits.

Therefore, students can earn a total of between 18 - 24 credits for this spring quarter program in Bonn.

Students interested in a language major or minor should review this degree progress video and contact the Department of Modern Languages advisor, Corban Sanchez, to verify how the courses through this program could potentially satisfy language major or minor requirements.

Circumstances, such as an unexpected event abroad or a curriculum change at a host institution, may require DePaul University to make changes to the program. DePaul University reserves the right to cancel or alter programs and courses without notice.

To participate in this program, students must have at least a 2.5 GPA. It is recommended that students complete at least German 102 or demonstrated an equivalent language proficiency level.

Students live in single dormitory rooms on or near campus. Meals can be prepared in shared kitchens or purchased in nearby cafeterias or restaurants.

Learn more about the Studentenwerk and living in Bonn.

All students participating in study abroad will be charged both tuition and a program fee. Tuition is billed at the student’s regular DePaul tuition rate based on the number of credits enrolled. Click for the Academic Year program fee or the Spring program fee, for your program. Read the details carefully to understand exactly what is included. Please also note the withdrawal policy.

DePaul offers several types of scholarships for students studying abroad, and students should visit the scholarship page early in the application process for information on eligibility and deadlines. Students are also encouraged to speak with the DePaul financial aid office for more information about financing their study abroad experience.

Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships. In the past, some students have found scholarships to study in Germany online at the following site: http://www.studying-in-germany.org/category/scholarships/

If you are planning to study abroad and do not have a passport, apply for one immediately. Some programs require students to obtain student visas. In that case, contact the country's local consulate or embassy for up-to-date instructions. As of this publication, students on the Bonn, Germany program DO NOT need a visa. To find out more information about the visa process for your select country(ies), visit our Visa Information Page. Please note that visa requirements can change quickly. Study Abroad will update this website to reflect changes as they become available.

Questions about this program? Contact Cara Miller Brytan at cmille12@depaul.edu or visit during open advising hours.

Contact program alumni to learn about the student experience:

Name Email Term Attended
Charlotte Mukahirn cmukahirn@yahoo.com Fall 2015
Helen Kinskey hmkinskey@gmail.com Spring 2017
Joshua Woodyard woodyardje@sbcglobal.net Spring 2017

DePaul University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or handicap in admissions, employment, or the provision of services. Inquiries regarding this policy should be addressed to the Director of Human Resources, 1 East Jackson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60604.

Circumstances, such as an unexpected event abroad or a curriculum change, may require DePaul University to make changes to the program. DePaul University reserves the right to cancel or alter programs and courses without notice.